Taking the gospel to every community, meeting their material needs and equipping Ukrainians for a brighter future.

About us

Established in 1993, Ukraine Christian Ministries works closely with churches in central Ukraine to share the good news of Jesus Christ and see His kingdom grow. Everything that we do is through relationship with our partners in Ukraine. We support churches who minister to their communities, running camps for children and young people, and meeting the material needs of many who find themselves trapped in poverty. We also partner with youth ministries in the area who are seeking to equip the next generation of Ukrainians. We believe that every person needs to know their Saviour Jesus and we are privileged to work with like-minded partners, who are certain that as more people come to trust God in Ukraine, a brighter future is possible.

God’s Perfect Timing

Sergiy and Vika Kravets, members of the church at Denghi, felt challenged to pursue new areas of service and so in 2022 they began making a weekly trip to the city of Cherkasy, taking hot food and drinks to share with homeless people and refugees (mostly from other parts of Ukraine). Over time, the ministry grew and developed in Hope Church, which started officially meeting in November that year. Sergiy shares the story of one man from Kharkiv who briefly attended the church.

“There were many refugees that were part of the church, who were coming along and had become Christians. But once Kharkiv was liberated, they went back. In some ways I didn’t really want them to go back, and we were saying to them that they could stay here and seek God and seek peace and then return at another time if it's safe. But obviously, people just want to be at home. So I’m in touch with some of them, and just praying for them.

“One of the men who came, he was waiting for an operation.  When he was in Cherkasy, he came to us, came to the church and repented and became a Christian. Then he went back to Kharkiv and was preparing everything for the operation. He was going to go to Poland to have it done; he was communicating with us and keeping us updated about how he was. I spoke to him one evening and he was fine, just getting everything in place for the trip.

“But in the morning he just didn't wake up. He died in the night and we don’t really know why, maybe from medical complications, I don't know. But I feel sure that God brought him to this place in order to hear his truth, so that he would give his life to Jesus. He was only here for about three weeks, and then he went back to Kharkiv, but I am sure that was so that he would hear the truth before he died.”

Partnering in the Gospel

Our Church Partnerships initiative started in 2020, when Mike Roper, UCM Trustee and Elder of Bethel Baptist Church in Farnham, visited Ukraine and spent time with Dima and Nastya, who lead the church in the village of Kadena Gora. This personal connection developed into a relationship between the two congregations which is flourishing despite the constraints of the pandemic and the war. In the past year two more partnerships have been established, linking Denghi Church with Chiddingfold Baptist, and Christmas Church in Cherkasy with Ruwach Christian Church in Haywards Heath.

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Sowing Seeds in Faith
Run by Inna Illinya, her sister-in-law Mika, and a wonderful team of helpers, Blagodatne Day Centre is a vital ministry serving children and families in the village. Inna explains how the work began and what God is doing through it.

When and why did the Day Centre start?
The Day Centre started in our church in October 2022. The impetus for its opening was the lack of full-time education for children, who began studying remotely due to coronavirus, and then continued due to the war.
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"We Will Not Stop"
Every day since the war broke out in February 2022, a group of faithful believers has gathered at Blagodatne Church to pray. When we joined them on November 6th 2023, it was day 621 of the conflict and 17 people were sitting on benches in an upstairs room, ready to start the day, start the week as they always do: with a time of listening to God, and calling out to him for peace in Ukraine.

Pastor Sergiy gave us some background about the early days, sharing their thoughts and feelings in those first few weeks when they began meeting.
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Money Matters

Since the War started we have raised: £258,513 and sent: £191,120

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We are working hard to reduce our operation costs.

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