Taking the gospel to every community, meeting their material needs and equipping Ukrainians for a brighter future.


Delivering care packages to the most vulnerable
The impact of these recent Corona virus is something we are only too familiar with hearing about these days. Ukraine is of course suffering the consequences also. The nation has been in quarantine since late March meaning schools have been closed, inter-city transport links ceased running, and meetings of more than 10 people prohibited. Many people have lost their jobs as factories and shops have been forced to close leaving many in the villages without work.

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Joyful Christmas Celebrations

Every year we celebrate Christmas in Ukraine with a family party, and this year was no different. The team from Blagodatne Church prepared a great party; games, testimonies, a quiz and a drama performed by a very well-dressed team of amateur actors. Invitations are sent to everyone in the village and it has become a highlight of the season for many.

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My life is to serve those in need

I was born in the city of Cherkassy and lived there until God stepped into my life. As a young man I became addicted to alcohol and reached a very dark place in my life. At that time I was invited by a friend to attend a rehabilitation centre in Chapaivka (now Blagodatne). In 2005 I heard what Jesus had done for me and when I accepted Him as saviour, He set me free from addiction.

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Breaking free from addiction

Kostya has worked at the local factory for many years. Like most men in the village, Thursday is pay day and so Thursday evenings are spent in the village bar. It is an unwritten expectation that nobody works on Fridays, they are a recovering from the night before. This is the way of life that Kostya has been a part of since he has been old enough to work. Until recently.

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Money Matters

As a small charity built on relationships we are able to cut out the middle man and send your donations directly to the projects. Here is what we spent our money on this year.

41% Churches

25% Building & Maintaining
12% Pastor Suport
4% Outreach Projects

20% Camps
14% Humanitarian Aid
7% Operating Expenses
15% Salary & Travel
3% Sponsored Individuals

We are working hard to reduce our operation costs. In 2020 we plan to focus more of our finances toward Humanitarian Aid and outreach.

Ukraine Christian Ministries Registered Charity No 1061221