Taking the gospel to every community, meeting their material needs and equipping Ukrainians for a brighter future.


With the Russian military attacking various locations across Ukraine, many people are fleeing built up areas seeking safety. The churches that we support are receiving hundreds of these displaced people and they need basics to house them. Please donate now to provide food, bedding, medicines and other essentials to those who have been forced from their homes in fear. Please continue to pray for Ukraine.

£40 can help support a displaced family for 1 week.
We cannot detail exactly what these funds will be used for as the need will vary for each family, but we can promise that your money will go directly to those providing the care in Ukraine, to help those in need TODAY.

Breaking free from addiction

Kostya has worked at the local factory for many years. Like most men in the village, Thursday is pay day and so Thursday evenings are spent in the village bar. It is an unwritten expectation that nobody works on Fridays, they are a recovering from the night before. This is the way of life that Kostya has been a part of since he has been old enough to work. Until recently.

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The impact of these recent Corona virus is something we are only too familiar with hearing about these days. Ukraine is of course suffering the consequences also. The nation has been in quarantine since late March meaning schools have been closed, inter-city transport links ceased running, and meetings of more than 10 people prohibited.

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Pastor Dima writes…

I spent the whole day in the hospital today. I was concerned with a woman, Tatyana, who came from Boryspil (near Kyiv) with her sick (disabled) mother, Nadia, and asked for help. They had no housing and asked for help. No one could accept them because her mother needed medical attention. I took them to the hospital and bought them food and medicine. They couldn’t believe that some-one would help them in this way for free. She thanked God for everything. Now they are in the hospital and are looking for an opportunity to go to Truskavets to a specialist hospital. I told them “God loves you and gave his life for you and will always help you”. They were happy and wept with happiness. They said this: "Look what a gift God gave us on March 8.”

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