Meeting their material needs

Since our ministry began in 1993 we have been doing all we can to meet the material needs of those in Ukraine. In the past we have taken lorry loads of humanitarian aid directly to the villages, straight to those who need the help the most. More recently this has become increasingly logistically difficult, and many of the things we were taking are now available to purchase in Ukraine. Consequently, our partners at Alfold Aid Enterprise continue to happily receive donations of clothing and various items and these are sorted and sold here in the UK. This money is then used to purchase what is needed in Ukraine. Some items are still sent directly to Ukraine, particularly precious items or those in response to a specific need. The foundation of UCM is relationship with the people we serve, and so we do all we can to identify the real needs, and to meet them.


In recent years we have seen an increasing need for medical support in Ukraine. Health care can be costly with only the very minimum covered by the state. Good quality medicine and even food in hospital must be purchased, and the families of the sick must meet all of their own needs. In partnership with our Pastors in the villages in Ukraine, we identify those who are in need and we are able to help them meet the cost of the medical care.  For many this is literally the difference between life and death.

Pastor Dima regularly visits a number of individuals who suffer with diabetes. The Ukrainian government supply insulin for diabetics, but it is in short supply and the government clinics often runout. Furthermore, sufferers are not provided with blood sugar testing kits and so end up administering themselves with insulin on an ad-hoc basis. Pastor Dima is able to get hold of the testing kits to ensure that the precious insulin is used efficiently.


We have the joy of helping some of the poorest in Ukraine meet their everyday needs, whether that is supplying bunkbeds to a family of six previously sharing one bed, financing windows in the home of a family with two sick children so that they can make it through the winter, or providing strong winter shoes and coats for pensioners to stay warm in the winter. Our Pastors identify the needs of those in the village, and then we do whatever we can to help meet that need. Some items of clothing or even furniture are sent directly from our partners at Alfold Aid Enterprise, while other things are purchased in Ukraine using money that is raised from donations here in the UK. The need is always greater than we can meet so if you would like to help in a specific way.
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