Equipping Ukrainians

We know that the future of Ukraine lies in the hands of the young people, and we want to equip these young people to make wise, Godly decisions as they grow.  Working closely with partners and schools we want to share the gospel and the truth of Jesus with the youth, and provide them with skills to set them up for successful employment and influence in their locality.


Research from Barna states that two out of three born again Christians (64%) made that commitment to Christ before their 18th birthday.  Today young people are raised in a post-Christian world and bombarded with pressures and choices through social media and the internet.  This is no different in Ukraine and so we want to ensure that Ukrainian teenagers have an opportunity to meet Jesus and learn how to live life walking with Him in this pressurised world.  Each summer we invite up to 80 young people to come and camp with us in Blagodatne village where they enjoy sports, games, music and other activities, whilst receiving biblical teaching. They spend time with young adults who are following Jesus and build relationships with them so that they can continue to be a part of a community throughout the year.  Over the years our youth camps have been hugely fruitful and many of our young Pastors have come to faith through them. We continue to pray that God would raise up the next generation who follow Him.

Do you have skills or resources that you think could be helpful to these projects? Or perhaps you would like to serve alongside our Ukrainian team? Get in touch.

Camp Maximum

“Camp with a new format” Maximum is an outdoor activity centre operating to the highest standard, delivering extreme sports and adventure camps for 7-18 year olds. They do incredible work reaching into the schools in the local area, delivering in-school personal development classes, as well as hosting residential visits at the site in Zolotonosha. At the heart of everything run by Maximum is the desire to share the gospel of Jesus. All the staff and volunteers are Christians, and every group receives Christian teachings, whether a school group or a summer camp.
A wonderful testimony to God’s work is that both Vitaliy, the Director and Yura, Programs Leader are men who encountered God through camps that UCM ran 20 years ago. It is so exciting to see how God has grown them and continues to use them now to share His Gospel with the next generation.
In a nation that is renowned for isolating those born with physical and mental disabilities, Maximum is leading the way in hosting activities that include such young people in the general population. As well as encouraging those who are able to be a part of the mainstream summer camps, they also run residential weeks for families with their children. The team at Maximum are seeking to educate and influence mainstream culture to cater for the full range of needs demonstrated by all young people in society.
Would you like to know more? You can check out their website here (although it is in Ukrainian so hit your translate button!) You can sponsor a young person to attend camp Maximum here. We regularly send volunteers out to Maximum so if you are interested, click below.
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Youth Development
The best way to see long term change in a society is to educate the young people who will lead the future.  We are seeking to run projects in local communities, partnering with schools, churches and local businesses, to equip the young people with life skills that they do not currently have the chance to develop in their standard education.  Skills such as time and money management, teamwork, critical analysis, problem solving, goal setting and strategy are all important skills that will allow the future leaders of Ukraine to stand independently and grow Ukraine into a strong and stable nation. Do you have experience in youth work that you would like to share with us? Perhaps you have training experience?
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Schools work
In 2018 the government of Ukraine introduced their Educational Reform, an exciting and much needed change to an out-dated system. We work closely with local schools to provide training for the teaching staff to equip them to teach in a very different way, focusing on the children in the classroom and personalising their learning experience to develop their skills and abilities. Are you a teacher who would like to share your expertise and practice? Get in touch! Would you like to partner your school with one of our schools? Get in touch for more information.
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