Delivering care packages to the most vulnerable

The impact of these recent Corona virus is something we are only too familiar with hearing about these days. Ukraine is of course suffering the consequences also. The nation has been in quarantine since late March meaning schools have been closed, inter-city transport links ceased running, and meetings of more than 10 people prohibited. Many people have lost their jobs as factories and shops have been forced to close leaving many in the villages without work.

Thanks to the support of many of you, we have been able to send 240 care packages to some of the most vulnerable people in villages inUkraine. Each package contained essentials to support a household for two weeks: sugar, flour, rice, buckwheat, oil, condensed milk, tinned meat, masks and paracetamol. These packages are particularly crucial to those in the villages who can no longer get to near by towns; most people in Ukraine do not have cars meaning the villagers have become isolated without the capacity to purchase basic provisions.

As our team of Pastors visited the homes of people in their villages they were able to pray and share the gospel as they gave the package. Pastor Sasha encountered one man who was so touched by the provision as he was in such desperation, feeling that he had been forgotten and not knowing who to turn to. Let's pray that for these new relationships will grow and many more will come to know Jesus as their Saviour.

Please continue to pray for Ukraine, particularly that the virus will not spread further. The reality is that the healthcare system in Ukraine is not ready to fight large numbers of infected people. Treatment is costly to the individual and so many people would not be able to pay for essential care. Let's ask for God's protection over our vulnerable friends.

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