I give my life to serve those in need

I was born in the city of Cherkassy and lived there until God stepped into my life. As a young man I became addicted to alcohol and reached a very dark place in my life. At that time I was invited by a friend to attend are habilitation centre in Chapaivka (now Blagodatne). In 2005 I heard what Jesus had done for me and when I accepted Him as saviour, He set me free from addiction. I knew from this point I needed to commit my life to sharing His love and grace with others.

I have studied in a seminary in Lviv (in the west of Ukraine) where I learnt about the importance of reaching people in their need and sharing the truth of the gospel through our works as well as words.

I married my wife Natasha in 2011, who was living at that time in Khmelnytskiy city. Before our marriage we were praying to God, asking where He wants us to live and serve Him, and He showed us Blagodatne village. At first I didn’t understand this but after some time God showed me why He needs us here.Together we serve the people of Kadena Gora where we have a strong church of faithful believers. The main vision of our church is to serve people. We serve disabled people; we regularly take care of several families and try to provide for their needs (nappies, medicine, groceries). We also help the poor and displaced people in our village who moved from Eastern part of Ukraine. We gather humanitarian aid and distribute it among these people. God has shown us many people in our area who are in need, and our church helps with everything we can. God gave me the understanding that church should be oriented on such people and I try to do what is possible to help them. Every month I try to gather the material aid in my car and distribute it to those in need.You can read more about the Pastors that we work with on our Churches page. 

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Ukraine Christian Ministries Registered Charity No 1061221